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Q-Sound’s solar-powered Bluetooth headphones

June 28th, 2009 by kalyan89 in PV Industry - Asia, PV-General

by Juniper Foo, May 26, 2009

The solar-powered Q-Sound works via Bluetooth stereo pick up music or calls from your enabled device. But no worries if it has no Bluetooth. Engineering student Shepeleff Stephen has also designed in a 3.5mm jack for wired connections.  Ready for the Q-Sound? I’m not so sure I am. My idea of a Bluetooth stereo headset has to be extremely compact and portable. Romania-based Shepeleff Stephen’s solar-fed concept, on the other hand, packs silicon panels into the headband. Translated, that means over-the-head ear cans in order to fit the solar cells where they matter. What’s more, this’ll have to be sizeable enough to pack two removable NiMH rechargeable batteries within the headband to store the power. Still, anything eco gets a nod for effort. And who knows, by the time something like this rolls into production, the final release may well be a lightweight futuristic strip you won’t even notice.