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Biggest Solar Deal Ever Announced — We’re Talking Gigawatts

February 14th, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV-General

By Alexis Madrigal, February 11, 2009

The largest series of solar installations in history, more than 1,300 megawatts, is planned for the desert outside Los Angeles, according to a new deal between the utility Southern California Edison and solar power plant maker, BrightSource.  The momentous deal will deliver more electricity than even the largest nuclear plant, spread out among seven facilities, the first of which will start up in 2013. When fully operational, the companies say the facility will provide enough electricity to power 845,000 homes — more than exist in San Francisco — though estimates like that are notoriously squirrely. (more…)

Nanomaterials for Solar Cells Expect to Grow Another 44% in 2009

Source:, Feb 5, 2009
Despite a sluggish forecast for the overall high-tech industry in 2009, nanomaterials for solar cells grew 47% in 2008 and is projected to grow another 44% in 2009, according to a report Market Outlook for Nanomaterials for Electronics Applications: Semiconductors, Solar, Displays. Sensors, RFID, Lighting recently published by The Information Network, a New Tripoli, PA-based market research company. (more…)

Can’t afford solar panels? Try these bright ideas

By Alan J. Heavens, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 13 Feb 2009
Source: San Jose Mercury News

You may not be able to spend thousands of dollars to convert your house to solar power. But there are smaller, less expensive ways to do your environmental part with the sun’s help.  Many solar products are available, though there are limits to what some can do. Still, anything to reduce your carbon footprint is worth doing. (more…)

Go East, Solar Companies

Asia’s dominance in producing solar cells and panels is expected to grow as more European and American companies set up factories while Asian companies do the same, says a new solar report from Greentech Media.
by: Ucilia Wang, February 12, 2009

Asia already has more solar equipment manufacturing capacity than other regions in the world. That dominance will likely grow.  By 2012, Asia (including Japan) could produce 82 percent of the world’s crystalline silicon solar cells, up from 71 percent in 2008, according to a new GTM Research report, “PV Technology, Production and Cost, 2009 Forecast: The Anatomy of a Shakeout.”  The news might not be embraced by those in the United States hoping to ensure that federal legislation is in place to help solar companies make their products in the U.S. instead of abroad. (more…)

Novel Photoanode Structure Templated from Butterfly Wing Scales

Source: Chem. Mater., 2009, 21 (1), pp 33–40

Wang Zhang et a novel photoanode structure inspired by butterfly wing scales with potential application on dye-sensitized solar cell in this paper. Quasi-honeycomb like structure (QHS), shallow concavities structure (SCS), and cross-ribbing structure (CRS) were synthesized onto a fluorine-doped tin-oxide-coated glass substrate using butterfly wings as biotemplates separately. Morphologies of the photoanodes, which were maintained from the original butterfly wings, were characterized by scanning and transmission electron microscopies. The results show that the calcined photoanodes with butterfly wings’ structures, which comprised arranged ridges and ribs consisting of nanoparticles, were fully crystallined. Analysis of absorption spectra measurements under visible light wavelength indicates that the light-harvesting efficiencies of the QHS photoanode were higher than the normal titania photoanode without biotemplates because of the special microstructures, and then the whole solar cell efficiency can be lifted based on this.

A New Gang Comes to Los Angeles: Solar-Panel Installers

In Tough Economy, Homeboy Industries Trains Ex-Cons for Brighter Prospects
By MIRIAM JORDAN, Los Angeles, Feb. 14, 2009
Source: Wall Street Journal Online

When Albert Ortega was released from prison four months ago, he was determined to turn his life around. So he went green.  Mr. Ortega sports tattoos of an Aztec warrior on his back, a dragon on his chest and the name of his former gang, the East Side Wilmas, rings his biceps. Drug trafficking kept him locked up for most of the past seven years, he says. But after serving his last term, for 18 months, he heard about a solar-panel installation course.  “I wanted a new way of life,” says the tall, brawny 34-year-old. “Solar puts me on the cutting edge.” (more…)

China’s new king of solar

Suntech’s Shi Zhengrong built one of the world’s biggest solar-power companies. Now, with economies slowing, he faces the challenge of a lifetime.
By Bill Powell, senior writer, February 11, 2009:

On a chilly Saturday afternoon in mid-January, Shi Zhengrong, casually dressed and smiling as if he didn’t have a care in the world, walked into the stunning new building that is now the headquarters of Suntech Power Holdings, the company he founded and built from scratch just eight years ago.  (more…)

Sanyo says it will build new solar cell plant in Osaka

February 14th, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV Industry - Asia, SC Company Reports

Tokyo, 10 Feb 2009
Source: AFP/Google News

Sanyo Electric Co. said Tuesday it plans to build a new solar cell plant in Japan, as it aims to double its production of the technology to meet growing demand for clean energy.  Japanese companies are continuing to invest in the development of environmentally friendly products, vying for a share of a market they hope will buck the recession. (more…)

SolarWorld Opens North America’s Largest Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility

Solar pioneer’s approach to high-volume manufacturing provides foundation for new economy dominated by “green jobs”
Hillsboro, Ore., October 17, 2008
Source: Solar World, press release

SolarWorld, a world leader in high quality solar power technology, today opens North America’s largest solar cell manufacturing facility. The new plant is located in Hillsboro, Oregon and is expected to reach a capacity of 500 megawatts (MW) by 2011.  Solar power is increasingly considered the most promising energy alternative because of advances in technology and high-volume manufacturing. Facilities like the one SolarWorld is pioneering will reduce the costs of solar power and increase the number of green jobs, accelerating commercial and residential installations of solar panels and overall economic growth. (more…)

SANYO and Nippon Oil Corporation Establish Thin-film Solar Cell Joint Company

February 14th, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV Industry - Asia, SC Company Reports

Tokyo, January 23, 2009
Source: Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd press release

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and Nippon Oil Corporation today announced that they have decided to launch a joint company for the production and sale of thin-film solar panels, to be named SANYO ENEOS Solar Co., Ltd. (more…)

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