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SANYO Introduces New HIT Power N Series Solar Panels

March 25th, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV Industry - America

by Solar Industry Mag Staff on Tuesday 24 March 2009
SOURCE: SANYO Energy Corp.

SANYO Energy (USA) Corp., a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co. Ltd., has introduced the HIT Power N Series of solar panels featuring SANYO’s proprietary heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer (HIT) technology. The new series features the latest technological improvements, including higher module output, lower voltage, space savings and lower installation costs, the company says. The HIT Power N Series solar panels will be available in North America from SANYO’s authorized representatives, including SunWize Technologies, Conergy and Focused Energy, beginning in April. (more…)

Obama Administration Offers $535 Million Loan Guarantee to Solar panel maker Solyndra, Inc.

Investment Could Lead to Thousands of New Jobs
Washington, DC – March 20, 2009
Source: US Dept of Energy, press release
Energy Secretary Steven Chu today offered a $535 million loan guarantee for Solyndra, Inc. to support the company’s construction of a commercial-scale manufacturing plant for its proprietary cylindrical solar photovoltaic panels. The company expects to create thousands of new jobs in the U.S. while deploying its solar panels across the U.S. and around the world. (more…)

Toray Claims ‘Highest Efficiency’ for Organic Thin-film Solar Cell

by Hiroshi Idegawa, Nikkei Monozukuri /Mar 24, 2009
Source: TechOn

Toray Industries Inc developed a new polymer donor material, a main material for organic thin-film solar cells, and realized an organic thin-film solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 5.5%. The conversion efficiency is higher than the 5.15%, the highest efficiency that has so far been announced in academic conferences. The company plans to further improve the material performance, aiming to commercialize an organic thin-film solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 7% until 2015. (more…)