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Indian company Emmvee Photovoltaics begins solar-module production on 3S turnkey line

Source: /28 May 2009

3S Swiss Solar Systems has delivered a solar-module turnkey production system to Emmvee Photovoltaics, which has begun manufacturing on the 25-MW line at its factory near Bangalore, India.  “We are extremely satisfied with the line supplied by 3S because we are able to produce a high yield on a very low breakage rate,” explained D.V. Manjunatha, managing director of Emmvee Photovoltaics, which has already ordered the tools necessary to expand its module output to 50 MW.

The new crystalline-and metallurgical-silicon line at Emmvee is comprised of an automatic string soldering station from Somont, a 3S laminating system, and a high-precision module tester from Pasan.  Somont’s soft-touch soldering process allows gentle handling of the cells, thus reducing the breakage rate to a minimum, while 3S’s patented hybrid heating plate technology permits module producers to achieve temperature homogeneity in an extremely short heating time and at a high throughput.

Three more Indian companies have placed orders for a turnkey production line for solar modules or are about to sign a contract, according to 3S.