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National Semiconductor, West Holdings to Promote SolarMagic Power Optimizers in Japan

Nikkei Electronics Asia, Jun 24, 2009
Source: TechOn

National Semiconductor Corp announced that West Holdings has become its first Japanese photovoltaic (PV) business partner. In addition, the company announced that it has started shipping its SolarMagic power optimizers in Japan. West Holdings is Japan’s leading company in environment-compatible home remodeling and improvement businesses such as photovoltaic systems, all-electric home appliances and house insulation services. West Holdings began selling SolarMagic power optimizers on June 22 through House Care, one of its member companies.

SolarMagic power optimizers, built upon National’s analog and power management circuits, use distributed electronics throughout a solar installation to minimize energy loss due to panel mismatches caused by shade and debris. Before starting marketing activities, West Holdings conducted field tests required before the start of sales of National’s SolarMagic power optimizers, and will continue field tests to evaluate them in Japan’s real-world conditions.

The SolarMagic power optimizer provides benefits to homeowners by improving the design flexibility of solar installations. In Japan’s crowded urban areas, many houses have small and complicated roofs that often face problems with shade caused by structural objects such as skyscrapers, neighboring houses and power lines. Power optimizers make it easier to design around these challenges, enabling more homes in Japan to effectively access solar power.

Naoto Ikeda, executive senior managing director of West Holdings, said: “We believe collaboration with National Semiconductor will accelerate pace for us to become an independent system integrator for PV systems that can provide best choices of PV panels, components and modules from various suppliers.”