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Blue Square Energy Announces 14.6 Percent Efficient Solar Cell on Upgraded Metallurgical Grade Silicon

North East, MD, November 5, 2008
Source: Blue Square Energy.Com press release

Blue Square Energy, a developer and manufacturer of low-cost silicon solar cells, today announced that it has produced a 14.6 percent efficient solar cell with its patent-pending Bright Point technology.  BSE’s efficiency result is one of the highest in the world on upgraded metallurgical grade (UMG) silicon and has been verified independently by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

“What we’ve been able to accomplish is a major milestone towards achieving our goal of creating low-cost solar energy for homes and businesses,” said Joseph Babin, CEO of BSE.  “This proves that inexpensive silicon typically considered unsuited for the solar industry can be utilized to create solar energy that is price accessible for most Americans.  Solar modules made with our Bright Point technology will soon be the best choice for those who care about our environment and their wallets – and want to save both.”

BSE’s Bright Point technology is unique because of its two part structure: a fine layer of high-grade silicon is placed on top of 4N UMG silicon, which differs significantly from the solar industry’s silicon norm by way of cost and availability.  Bright Point technology is possible because of BSE’s proprietary engineering and scientific discoveries.

UMG silicon has drawn a great deal of industry attention as companies seek substitutes to traditional and rare solar grade silicon in the fabrication of their solar cells. However, most UMG technologies being developed focus on blending low percentages of inexpensive UMG silicon with expensive solar grade silicon. This results in a minimal cost reduction. Through Bright Point, Blue Square Energy uses 100 percent 4N UMG silicon, which results in a significant cost reduction relative to other UMG silicon solar cell products.

Creating low-cost solar cells is the first step in BSE’s goal of eventually manufacturing the world’s highest efficiency, lowest cost solar cell.  This Bright Point II technology is currently in research and development.

About Blue Square Energy
Blue Square Energy is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance silicon solar cells headquartered in North East, Maryland. Its proprietary Bright Point solar cell technology utilizes upgraded metallurgical grade silicon to produce low-cost solar cells for use in homes and business. More information about Blue Square Energy can be found at