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Akeena Solar’s Flat Roof Solar Solution Will Have San Franciscans Beaming

New Solution Answers the Call for Solar Power for Flat Roof Home and Commercial Buildings
SAN FRANCISCO, CA., July 2, 2008
Source: Akeena Solar press release

Akeena Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq:AKNS), one of the United States’ leading designers and installers of solar power systems, today launched its Andalay Flat Roof Solar Power System. Homeowners and businesses now have a sleek, reliable and high-performing solar solution to answer the marketplace demand for flat roof solar power systems.  In urban areas like San Francisco, solar hasn’t been a real option for customers who live in buildings with flat rooftops. When we debuted our innovative Andalay technology eight months ago, it was the first radical change in solar panel design in three decades. Now we are taking that high performance, highly reliable technology one step further and enabling everyone to benefit from solar, regardless of where they live, said Gary Mull, vice president at Akeena Solar. Electricity prices are skyrocketing, and it’s time that every homeowner has access to clean, cheap, renewable energy from the sun.

The innovative design places Akeena’s Andalay solar system on a 10-degree slope, maximizing sun exposure while maintaining the system’s sleek integration and performance. Weighing less than three pounds per square foot, the system eliminates all rooftop penetrations, attachments and modifications, and integrates all grounding and electrical connections into the panels themselves.

Akeena’s flat roof solar solution comes just in time to meet the City of San Francisco’s call to action for more solar power. Tuesday, July 1st, marked the first day San Franciscans could take advantage of new rebates provided by the landmark San Francisco Solar Incentive Program. The program provides city rebates of $6,000 for homeowners and $10,000 for businesses in who purchase a solar system.  Cities like San Francisco provide a road map on how to increase solar. We are excited to help people take advantage of these new incentives and go solar, Mull added.

Akeena’s innovative Flatroof Andalay is the only integrated rooftop solar system on the market and builds on their Andalay solar power system that debuted in September 2007. Based on Akeena Solar’s years of installation experience, the revolutionary design of the Andalay panels streamline installation processes by incorporating the external racking and electrical wiring into the panels themselves. This breakthrough design eliminates 70 percent of the parts and reduces 25 percent of rooftop penetrations necessary in the installation of ordinary rack-mounted system. In addition, Andalay averts installation complexities and protects electrical wires from weather exposure-both deficiencies of ordinary systems that affect the overall performance over its 25-year life. Andalay was recently honored with an Innovative Home Technology Award from TecHome Builder Magazine.