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Aleo solar presents pure black high-performance modules

Sourcer: Aleo Solar AG press release/ 10 June 2008

Aleo solar today announced that it has chosen this year’s Intersolar in Munich to premiere its new pure black product range, featuring the solar modules aleo S_73 and S_77. The new module types will be available exclusively in Germany, and in performance categories ranging from 160 to 190 watts. The modules are characterized by their distinctive visual appeal: in combining a black Tedlar film with a black anodized aluminum frame, aleo solar has managed to create a pure black module that is capable of meeting the highest aesthetic requirements.

“Our aleo S_73 and S_77 modules represent the fusion of elegance with performance,” explains Norbert Schlesiger, Sales Manager Germany for aleo solar AG. “The black aleo module is the perfect solution for those of our customers who want to achieve maximum output while also focusing on the visual appeal.” The solar modules are a perfect fit for any rooftop area. They are especially suited to enhancing the overall effect of rooftops finished with black tiles.

Aleo solar is using monocrystalline black high-performance cells for the new module types, which means that the modules will possess a peak efficiency rating of up to 14.0 percent. A black Tedlar polyester film guarantees a long useful life for the modules. The solar cells are embedded in EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) polymer, which is resistant to UV radiation. Stability for the solar modules is provided by a 50 mm-wide frame, constructed from a corrosion-resistant, black anodized aluminum alloy. The front surface of the modules consists of a 3.2 mm wafer of specialized glass that can protect the cells from even the harshest weather. Available in the sizes 1,600 x 800 mm (S_73) and 1,660 x 830 mm (S_77), the new solar modules offer dimensions that are especially suitable for mounting work.  The new module types are certified to IEC 61215 and protection class II. Deliveries to specialist dealers will start in August.