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150 new Solar Energy systems installed in Waterford County of Ireland

August 11th, 2008 by kalyan89 in PV Industry - Europe, PV-General, Solar Installations

Source: WaterfordToday.IE

Waterford Energy Bureau is delighted to announce that the demand for Solar Water heating has increased significantly in County Waterford. Solar energy is one of the more common sustainable energy technologies and is an alternative to fossil fuel; it is one of the cleanest and safest. That energy from sunlight can be used to produce electricity (Photovoltaic Panels) or directly heat (Solar Water Heating). Considering environment and climate change concerns the Irish government encourage renewable energy solar installations, through grant given by the program Greener Homes Scheme. Under the Greener Homes Scheme Phase I & II over 150 solar water installations in Waterford were completed up to June 2008. (more…)

Massive solar plant proposed in Carbon County, Pennsylvania

By Sandy Bauers, Inquirer Staff Writer, Aug. 8, 2008
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

When John F. Curtis III looks at the heart of Pennsylvania’s anthracite country, he doesn’t see a blighted landscape or a heyday long gone.  He envisions the second-largest solar power plant in the nation. Yesterday, Curtis and state officials announced a $65 million solar project on 100 fallow acres in one of Carbon County’s oldest mining towns, Nesquehoning. It would generate 10.6 megawatts of power, enough to increase the state’s current solar output by a factor of 10 and provide electricity for 1,450 households. If he gets the money.

Curtis, who founded the Conshohocken renewable-energy development firm Green Energy Capital Partners in March 2007, acknowledged he had neither all the financing nor a purchasing agreement for the power the facility would produce. Further, the project hinges on Congress’ reauthorizing a federal tax credit of 30 percent for such projects. Curtis said he also needed money from the state’s recently passed $650 million energy independence bill. How residents and companies would get the money has not been decided yet.

But he said he was “confident everything will be financed in short order.” He said purchase orders for 46,000 solar panels – to be mounted on 912 trackers that would follow the sun, east to west – were pending, and he expects to break ground in March. Commercial operation could begin by the end of 2009, he said.

Meanwhile, supporters were jubilant. “Now you have, right in the heart of coal country, the beginning of the solar century,” said John Hanger, president of Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future, an advocacy group. Hanger also called the project “the fruit” of Gov. Rendell’s recently passed energy policy. “It couldn’t happen at a better time, it couldn’t be a bigger vote of confidence for Pennsylvania’s alternative energy policies,” he said. “This is really big.”

Pennsylvania still has a long way to go to catch New Jersey. Because of the Garden State’s strong rebate program, nearly 3,000 solar installations deliver 54 megawatts of power. Still, Monique Hanis, spokeswoman for the Solar Energy Industries Association, an industry group, confirmed that the Carbon County facility would be the second-largest of its kind in the United States, after the 14-megawatt solar installation at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas.

State Rep. Keith R. McCall (D., Carbon) said the facility would bring 50 jobs to the area. More than that, “to think that we’re still sitting on probably 300 to 500 years of coal reserves . . . it just shows that we’re trying to be innovative.” The culture decades ago was one of coal-baron millionaires and miners who died from what their widows called “the black lung.”

“The legacy of coal was one that when they left, they left the scarred landscape behind as well,” McCall said. “It was difficult to get anybody to take a second look at Carbon County.” “The reality is, we are putting the nuts and bolts together on the [state’s] entire energy package, but that will come to fruition,” McCall said. “Just a commitment letter from the governor would suffice for the company to get the proper financing to make this thing work.” The property is owned by Kovatch Enterprises, which builds fire trucks and emergency vehicles and is Carbon County’s largest employer.

Though Pennsylvania is hardly the sunniest spot in the nation, its “renewable portfolio standards” make it attractive for solar, wind and other renewable energies. The standards require utilities to generate or buy a percentage of their power from renewable sources – equal to 850 megawatts by 2021. “What we’re doing fits hand in glove with the requirements,” said Curtis, who has 20 years of experience in medical and information technology marketing and who recently was Eastern U.S. development manager for UPC Solar of Chicago.

Analysts say 850 megawatts cannot be met by rooftop installations on homes and small business, and the trend has been toward utility-scale projects. A 1.4-megawatt facility is planned for the former Philadelphia Navy Yard, and a 3-megawatt facility is under construction in Falls Township next to the GROWS landfill.

Solar Power Hits Home

By Bryan Walsh, Time, Aug. 07, 2008

There were limits to how green Bruce Letvin was willing to go. For years, the 53-year-old anatomy professor had wanted to install solar panels on his Manhattan Beach, Calif., home. But the up-front installation costs always outweighed the benefits for the environment and his conscience. This spring, however, he managed to work out green financing with the help of solar company SunPower. After determining that his electricity bills and roof exposure were large enough to make him a good candidate for its solar panels, the company, based in San Jose, Calif., helped him find a 15-year loan for the $64,500 system. Yes, his $550 loan payment is more than the $300 or so he used to spend each month on electricity bills–so far, he has generated enough solar power that he doesn’t need to take any juice from the grid–but after he pays off the loan, his power will be free. And this year, he’ll get a $16,000 rebate in the form of federal and state tax incentives for solar. “I really wouldn’t have been able to do this without the financing,” he says. “But with [the loan], it’s a no-brainer.” (more…)

First U.S. Solar Highway Installation Starts in Oregon

August 11th, 2008 by kalyan89 in PV Industry - America, Solar Installations

Portland, Oregon, August 9, 2008
Source: Environmental News Service

Construction on the nation’s first solar demonstration project in a highway right of way has begun. At the Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 interchange in Tualatin, Oregon, 594 solar panels are being installed on a strip of land beside the highway roughly the length of two football fields.  Governor Ted Kulongoski, with transportation and utilities officials, broke ground on Thursday on the all-Oregon project.  “Before the year is over, this ground will hold the nationís first Solar Highway project, and Oregon will make history using the power of the sun to light this interchange,” said Governor Kulongoski. “More importantly, this project will represent a new era for energy in Oregon.” (more…)

Spire to Provide 25 Megawatt Turnkey Solar Module Manufacturing Line to PLG Power Limited in India

Bedford, MA, June 4, 2008
Source: Spire Corp. press release

Spire Corporation (Nasdaq: SPIR), a global solar company providing turnkey solar factories and capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic cells and modules worldwide, today announced that it has received a contract from PLG Power Limited (PLG Group) to provide a state-of-the-art, turnkey photovoltaic module assembly line in India. PLG Power Limited is the Energy and Power division of PLG Group, a multifaceted organization involved in manufacturing and agro-based industries located in Mumbai and Kolkata, India. This will be the company’s first state-of-the-art solar energy facility and will complement its other business elements. (more…)

Spire Delivers Photovoltaic Module Line to ET Solar in the PR China

Bedford, MA, June 25, 2008
source: Spire Corp. press release

Spire Corporation (Nasdaq: SPIR), a global solar company providing turnkey solar factories and capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic cells and modules worldwide, today announced that it has delivered advanced solar module production equipment to ET Solar Group, located in the People’s Republic of China.  The module manufacturing equipment delivered to ET Solar includes Spire’s most current process technology. With this equipment, the line will be capable of annually producing up to 15 megawatts of solar modules. (more…)

Spire Wins Contract for Tianwei Factory Expansion in the People’s Republic of China

Multiple Solar Cell Assembly and Module Testing Machines to be Provided for Production Ramp Up
Bedford, MA, August 6, 2008
Source: Spire Corp. press release

Spire Corporation (Nasdaq: SPIR), a global solar company providing turnkey solar factories and capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules worldwide, today announced that it has received a contract from ChengDu Tianwei New Energy PV Module Co. Ltd. (Tianwei) to provide multiple systems for stringing and tabbing solar cells and performing the critical end of line test and certification.  Spire will provide Tianwei with multiple Spi-Assembler(TM) 6000 systems to fully automate the soldering of individual solar cells into strings ready for busing. (more…)

Spire Enters Multi-Year Contract with Trina Solar

Bedford, MA, July 30, 2008
Source: Spire corp., press release

Spire Corporation (Nasdaq: SPIR), a global solar company providing turnkey solar factories and capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules worldwide, today announced that it has entered into a multi-year, multi-system contract to provide key module line equipment to Trina Solar Limited (Trina Solar) of the People’s Republic of China. Spire will provide Trina Solar with multiple Spi-Sun Simulator(TM) 4600 Single Long Pulse (4600 SLP) systems. (more…)

EMCORE signs Two Purchase Agreements for Concentrator Solar Cells and Receivers for value over $40 million

Product Delivered Will Be Deployed In Commercial Rooftop And Utility Scale Installations In The United States
Albuquerque, NM, August 5, 2008
Source: Emcore Corp. press release

EMCORE Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber-optic, satellite and terrestrial solar power markets, announced today that it entered into two new supply agreements for solar cells and receivers with a total value of over $40 million. The larger of the two purchase contracts is a multi-year supply agreement for solar cells, to be delivered over four years. The product to be delivered will be incorporated into concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) systems developed for commercial rooftop installations as well as utility-scale solar farms. The customers placing these orders are targeting CPV deployments in the United States with a particular focus on the California market. Production for these orders has commenced and approximately $1 million of product is expected to be shipped in the present quarter. The award of these purchase agreements affirms EMCORE’s position as the leading supplier of the enabling CPV engine, and further diversifies our terrestrial CPV component backlog. (more…)

SANYO Commences Operation of the New Shiga Factory for Solar Module Production

Source: WEBWIRE, Tokyo, August 05, 2008

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announces that it has completed construction of the Shiga Plant at its Shiga facilities (Ohtsu City, Shiga Prefecture) which was constructed for the assembly of HIT solar cell modules as part of continuing plans to expand and develop its Solar business.  The Shiga Plant will have an initial production capacity of 40 MW, and SANYO will consider expanding the production capacity of the factory upon further review of market trends and demand. (more…)

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