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Northern firms of Malaysia embrace solar

By David Tan, George Town, July 4, 2009
Source: The Star Online

Companies in the northern region are now making strategic moves to enter into the solar power business, as the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) has identified solar power sector as a new source of growth for the economy.  Three public-listed companies in Penang, P. I.E. Industrial Bhd, Ire-Tex Corp Bhd, and Pentamaster Corp Bhd, have recently invested to tap into the growing market demand for solar products in the country and in the world.  The global revenue from solar panels (known also as photovoltaic panels) is expected to rise to US$17.8bil in 2010, up 38.2% from 2009. Revenue will rise by another 11.1% in 2011 and by 29.1% in 2012, according to US-based market research company, iSuppli Corp. (more…)

AxunTek set to upgrade CIGS thin-film solar cell production

Taipei, By Deborah Kuo /3 July 2009
Source: Central News Agency /eTaiwanNews

AxunTek Solar Energy, the first company in Taiwan to have developed cutting-edge CIGS thin-film technology for green energy, is set to upgrade and expand its production of CIGS thin-film solar cells and related products in a new plant, company officials said Friday.  The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs gave the green light that day to a new investment plan proposed by AxunTek to build a manufacturing plant at an EPZ in the southernmost county of Pingtung for expanded research and production of CIGS thin-film solar cells. Under the plan, AxunTek will invest NT$6.99 billion (US$212.43 million) for the expansion of CIGS thin-film solar cell research and production, according to the EPZA. (more…)

Q-Sound’s solar-powered Bluetooth headphones

June 28th, 2009 by kalyan89 in PV Industry - Asia, PV-General

by Juniper Foo, May 26, 2009

The solar-powered Q-Sound works via Bluetooth stereo pick up music or calls from your enabled device. But no worries if it has no Bluetooth. Engineering student Shepeleff Stephen has also designed in a 3.5mm jack for wired connections.  Ready for the Q-Sound? I’m not so sure I am. My idea of a Bluetooth stereo headset has to be extremely compact and portable. Romania-based Shepeleff Stephen’s solar-fed concept, on the other hand, packs silicon panels into the headband. Translated, that means over-the-head ear cans in order to fit the solar cells where they matter. What’s more, this’ll have to be sizeable enough to pack two removable NiMH rechargeable batteries within the headband to store the power. Still, anything eco gets a nod for effort. And who knows, by the time something like this rolls into production, the final release may well be a lightweight futuristic strip you won’t even notice.

Solar panels take on roof tile shape for aesthetics

by Candace Lombardi, Jun 27, 2009

Will a better aesthetic tempt more people into going solar? SRS Energy is betting on it.  The company has partnered with US Tile, a leading manufacturer of Spanish, slate, and shake roof tiles, to design solar panels with the exact same shapes as their clay counterparts. The result is solar tiles that can be seamlessly integrated with the terra-cotta tiles on your roof. Instead of the solar panels being on your roof, your solar panels are the roof. Instead of consumers going solar as aftermarket adaptation, the Philadelphia-based company hopes that solar will become part of the architecture and building of residences and commercial properties. (more…)

Taiwan Oasis and Solargiga to co-develop PV-powered LED streetlamps

June 28th, 2009 by kalyan89 in PV Industry - Asia, Solar Installations

Dawn Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES, 18 June 2009

LED packaging house Taiwan Oasis Technology has revealed that it will cooperate with China-based solar wafer maker Solargiga Energy to develop LED streetlamps powered by photovoltaic (PV) batteries. The Taiwan-based company also said it will tap the China market through investment in Solargiga.  Solargiga in early June 2009 signed a cross-investment deal with Kinmac Solar, a Taiwan Oasis affiliate that makes PV modules. Solargiga will acquire a 78.93% stake in Kinmac, which in turn will obtain a 4.44% stake in the China company, according to Taiwan Oasis. Taiwan Oasis said it will sell all of its 16.29% stake in Kinmac to Solargiga and acquire a stake in Solargiga.

Auria Solar receives TUV certification for micro-Si tandem thin-film PV

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES, 25 June 2009

Taiwan-based Auria Solar announced on June 24 that it has obtained certification from Germany-based TUV Rheinland for micromorphous silicon (micro-Si) tandem-junction thin-film PV modules and has kicked off volume production. Its micro-Si tandem-junction thin-film PV module has an energy conversion rate of 9% to generate 120 watts currently and the conversion rate is expected to rise to 10% to generate 130 watts by the end of 2009, according to company chairman and CEO CY Tsai. The conversion rate is expected to further increase to 11% in the first half of 2010, Tsai indicated. (more…)

Neo Solar Power to raise more capital for capacity expansion

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES, 26 June 2009

Neo Solar Power, a Taiwan-based maker of crystalline silicon solar cells, will issue 30 million new shares to raise around NT$800 million (US$24.6 million) specifically for expanding its annual production capacity by 150MWp to 360MWp in the second half of 2009, according to the company.  Neo Solar’s board of directors approved the fund-raising plan at a meeting on June 25, the company indicated. According to industry sources, Neo Solar has been talking with potential clients in Japan via Daiwa Securities, its main shareholder. Neo Solar said it could not deny the reports

Kyocera Partners with Major Retailer to Market Solar Cells

June 28th, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV Industry - Asia, PV-General

Motonobu Kawai, Nikkei Microdevices, May 13, 2009
Source: TechOn

Aeon Co Ltd, a leading retailer in Japan, and Kyocera Corp formed a business alliance for the marketing of solar cells.  “We have focused on door-to-door sales thus far. The alliance with Aeon will change our business model,” Kyocera President Tetsuo Kuba said, indicating the company’s aim to boost its solar cell sales by making the most of Aeon’s outlets, at which more than 10 million people shop every year.  Meanwhile, Aeon President Motoya Okada said, “We are aiming to enhance our reform business. In that process, solar cells will be a key product.” (more…)

New Toyota Prius Debuts with Kyocera’s Solar Cells

Motonobu Kawai, Nikkei Microdevices, May 19, 2009
Souce: TechOn

Polycrystalline Si solar cells manufactured by Kyocera Corp are used for the solar panel that comes as an option for the new Prius, which Toyota Motor Corp announced May 18, 2009, in Japan.  The solar panel is composed of a total of 36 cells arranged in six rows and six columns. Each cell is half the size of the standard 15 x 15cm cell. With a cell conversion efficiency of 16.5%, the maximum output of the entire panel reaches fifty-odd watts. The portions where three bus bars are believed to exist were covered with a black component. (more…)

Sharp Introduces ‘Thinnest’ Solar Module for Mobile Devices

Nikkei Electronics Asia, May 29, 2009
Source: TechOn

Sharp Corp has developed what it claims is the industry’s thinnest solar module, the LR0GC02. The module achieves a thickness of just 0.8mm by effective use of compact semiconductor packaging technology.  The solar cells that make up the module are based on polycrystalline silicon and deliver a maximum power of 300mW, and as an auxiliary power source for mobile devices, will contribute to saving energy. In addition, the electrode pattern on the cell surface can be formed to meet the requirements of device manufacturers, leading to increased design flexibility for mobile devices. The product will be introduced to the global market. Mass production is expected to start in July this year.

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