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Signet Solar applies for federal funds to fuel thin-film strategy

by Camille Ricketts, June 25, 2009

Signet Solar, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based maker of thin-film solar panels, has applied for federal loan guarantees in addition to capital-raising efforts to aggressively expand its operations in the United States in the next three years.  The company’s plan is to install four production lines with the capacity to manufacture 65 to 80 megawatts-worth of solar panels a year in New Mexico. Each of these lines is predicted to cost $200 million to build and is dependent on technology acquired from Applied Materials. Construction will begin this year in hopes of ramping up panel production by 2011. Signet says it filed its application to the Department of Energy in February and is in talks with several private backers for the project already. (more…)

Transparent plastic solar cells fitted into windows

by Martin LaMonica, May 17, 2009
Source: Crave /

Solar company Konarka has developed a transparent solar cell that it hopes will be built onto electricity-generating windows.  The Lowell, Mass.-based company on Tuesday said it has reached an agreement with Arch Aluminum & Glass to use Konarka’s plastic solar cells in building materials, including windows. A transparent solar cell Konarka hopes will be fitted into power-generating windows. Under its Arch Active Solar Glass development, the company has built prototypes of windows with the solar cells between two panes of glass. The photovoltaic cells can be tinted different colors. (more…)

World’s largest thin film solar modules from Signet Solar now TÜV-certified

June 28th, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV Industry - America, PV-General

TÜV InterCert grants TÜV-certificate to SI S1 modules from Signet Solar in accordance with IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 standards
Mochau, 27 May 2009
Source: SIgnetSolar Press release

Signet Solar, producer of thin film silicon solar modules, today announced that the TÜV InterCert has granted TÜV certification to the SI-S1 photovoltaic modules from Signet Solar in accordance with IEC 61646 and IEC 61730. Now, all solar module formats that the company produces are TÜV certified. The SI-S1-Module, measuring 2.60 m x 2.20 m and nearly reaches the shop window format, successfully passed all tests required for IEC 61646 and 61730 certification at TÜV InterCert. Signet Solar is thereby the first world-wide producer of ultra-large thin film modules, which meet the high quality requirements of TÜV InterCert. (more…)

PrimeStar Solar Preps for CdTe Panel Launch

by Ucilia Wang, June 26, 2009

The success of First Solar has given startup companies developing cadmium-telluride solar panels hope. Why, if First Solar could claim to be the lowest-cost producer in the industry while raking in good profits, then we could do it, too.  PrimeStar Solar is no exception. Brian Murphy, CEO of PrimeStar in Golden, Colo., said at a recent conference that “cadmium-telluride is the only technology proven to move below $1 per watt in manufacturing cost.”  The company is moving toward the launch of its commercial product, set to take place by the end of this year, Murphy said. Murphy was rather mum about his company’s product specs and production plans, however. He said the commercial factory would have a production capacity in the “tens of megawatts.” PrimeStar produced its first thin-film panel in April 2007 and began pilot production last October, he added. (more…)

Researchers Light Up Bus Shelter With Flexible Solar Cells

By Jonathan Bardelline – Jonathan Bardelline, Jun 16, 2009 

One of the bus shelters on the McMaster University campus is powered entirely by two solar cells rigged to its roof, but what makes the solar cells stand out is that, unlike most solar panels, they don’t stand out.  Engineering researchers at the Canadian university developed the cells as flexible strips (below, right), allowing them to bend along with the shelter’s curved roof, as opposed to sticking out from the roof in flat panels like most solar installations. (more…)

Solar power gets boost from stimulus and new laws in Minnesota

June 21st, 2009 by kalyan89 in Press Releases, Reports, PV Industry - America, R&D reports

By John Croman, Saint Paul, MN 

The sun is shining again for Minnesota’s long suffering solar power advocates, thanks in large part to action by state lawmakers to capitalize on federal stimulus money targeted to renewable energy.  State Senator Ellen Anderson stood in front of a large mobile array of solar panels atop the Capitol steps Thursday and predicted the 2009 session will do for solar what the 1994 session did for wind power. “Today we’d like to announce we’re kicking off the solar energy revolution in Minnesota!” the Saint Paul Democrat told a group of alternative energy supporters and media who gathered for an event highlighting the new initiative.  “If you’re a homeowner and you want to install solar you can get rebates of up to $10,000 to put solar on your home,” Anderson remarked, “Pair that up with a federal tax credit and you are good part of the way toward paying for your solar installation.” (more…)

Tecta America Launches Tecta Solar

June 17th, 2009 by kalyan89 in PV Industry - America

Division Dedicated to Turnkey Solar Development and Finance  Complements Nationwide Roofing, Solar Construction Business
Skokie, IL, June 3, 2009
Source: Tecta America press release

Tecta America, the nation’s largest roofing contractor, announces the launch of Tecta Solar, a division of Tecta America dedicated to the development of turnkey solar energy systems. Tecta Solar’s expertise encompasses the design, engineering, financing, installation, maintenance, warranty, and monitoring performance to ensure the best possible results for its clients and investors. (more…)

Solar Power, Inc. Enters Into 2-Megawatt Product Supply Agreement with German Installer of Residential and Commercial Solar Systems

Roseville, CA, 16 June 2009
Source: Solar Power Inc press release /BusinessWire

Solar Power, Inc. (“SPI”) (OTCBB: SOPW) announced today that it has executed a supply agreement with Bayer and Raach, a German solar installation company serving the residential and commercial market segments throughout Germany and Southern Europe. The two-megawatt agreement calls for SPI to provide one megawatt of SPI’s 200-watt modules and one megawatt of modules with SPI’s proprietary SkyMountTM commercial mounting system. SkyMountTM is designed for minimal or non-penetrating commercial rooftop applications. (more…)

SEPA releases 2008 Top Ten US Utility Solar Integration Rankings

Source: Renewable Energy Focus, 2 June 2009

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has issued a report demonstrating that the solar industry has responded to SEPA Executive Director Julia Hamm’s challenge to the solar and utility industries to deploy solar power on a massive scale despite new economic barriers at Solar Power last autumn.  SEPA’s 2008 Top Ten Utility Solar Integration Rankings report ranks utilities with the most integrated solar electricity and records the increased collaboration of the US electric utility and solar energy industries.

According to SEPA, the report shows that the utility segment is making “a major investment to increase the amount of solar energy in power portfolios, with many utilities doubling the amount of solar power in their portfolio in just one year.”  The overall installed solar capacity of the top 10 ranked utilities rose 25% from 711 MW to 882 MW. The survey looked at 92 utilities, 80% more than from last year’s report.

“This year’s report demonstrates that solar electricity is finally on the radar screen of utilities across the country,” says Hamm. “Solar plants large and small are ready for significant build-out, and the utility industry is moving quickly toward mass adoption to meet a variety of business needs.”

The report documents a wave of utility-driven installations, pointing to the growing importance of utilities in the solar power market, and the growing importance of solar power to the business of utilities.

“Residential and commercial photovoltaic projects will continue to be important stimulants for job creation and small business growth, but they will be complemented by large-scale photovoltaic and concentrating solar power projects,” says Mike Taylor, Director of Research and Education at SEPA. “The variety of ways solar power is being implemented signals an increased maturity in the market.”

The winners:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, based in San Francisco, California, came top with 85 MW new capacity (representing 44% of survey total). Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric came second and third.

For the solar watts-per-customer category in 2008, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), a water utility that provides electrical generation to its municipal buildings, ranked first with almost 2700 W per customer for its 340 customer sites.

Second and third were Kauai Island Utility Cooperative in Hawaii and Palo Alto Utilities in Northern California.

On a cumulative solar megawatt basis, Southern California Edison was ranked first, followed by Pacific Gas & Electric and NV Energy, a Nevada utility.

Overall Rankings:
New Projects in 2008

Total Solar Megawatts
* Participating utilities saw an average increase of 2 MW and a median of 0.1 MW of solar added to their portfolio in 2008;
* The Top Ten utilities represented 88% of the survey MW total;
* Utilities in 7 different states placed in the Top Ten.

Total Solar Watts per Customer
* Participating utilities saw an average increase of 33 W per customer and a median of 1 W per customer of solar added to their portfolio in 2008;
* 9 of the Top Ten utilities are from California and Hawaii.
Cumulatively in watts per customer, SFPUC ranked first again, followed by the Port of Oakland, and Southern California Edison.

Aerojet and Solar Power Announce 3.5 Megawatt Solar Installation at Aerojets Sacramento Site

Aerojet project will be one of the largest industrial installations in the U.S.
Roseville and Sacramento, CA, June 8, 2009
Source. Aerojet Press release

Aerojet, a GenCorp (NYSE:GY) company, and Solar Power, Inc. (“SPI”)(OTCBB:SOPW) announced jointly today that they have entered into an agreement to build a 3.5 megawatt solar system at Aerojet’s Sacramento, California facility. The site is located within the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).  This is the first solar system Aerojet has installed and it is a significant part of the company’s environmental and sustainability initiatives.  (more…)

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