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Welcome to Solarcellinfo.com :
One Stop Net Resource Center for Photovoltaic Solar Cells

This web portal site has several components, each of which we hope should be of interest for you:

  • Dedicated website for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

    (DSSC, aka Graetzel Cells)
    Here you can find comprehensive information on DSSC:
    -- a bibliography of over 1000 research publications;
    -- a comprehensive listing of American, European and Japanese Patents on DSSC
    -- a directory of academic and industrial R&D labs working on DSSC
    -- a directory of vendors of components for DSSC and assembled solar modules and panels
    -- a press corner reporting on conferences and growing DSSC-based solar photovoltaic industry
    -- a forum for researchers of DSSC to meet and share topics of common interests and many more.
  • Solar Cells Blog

    A Blog that reports on the exciting developments in the broad of photovoltaic solar cells industry.
  • Website devoted to Solar Hydrogen Technology

    A comprehensive website devoted to various aspect of Solar Hydrogen Technology Research & Development
    • Solar Thermal route
    • Solar Photoelectrochimical route
    • Solar Photochemistry route and
    • Solar Photobiological route
    The website has three key sections: a bibliography of research articles from international journals, a forum for discussion of published research reports and a Blog column to provide regular updates on the exciting developments in this field.
  • Online Store for Solar Photovoltaic Products

    not yet ready!
    Here you will find information on products for and those producd by the solar cell R&D community:
    solar simulators, flexible solar cells, portable solar cell packs, solar modules and solar panels ,
    stand alone/smaller units to power upto 12 volt battery, RVs, electronic gadgets such as mobile phones
    to larger panels that feed to power grid 5-10Wp to 200 Wp output.

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