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Solar Cells for Cheap (Interview with Prof. M. Graetzel)

Not everyone gets a solar cell named after them: but Michael Gratzel did. He says his novel technology, which promises electricity-generating windows and low manufacturing costs, is ready for the market.

By Kevin Bullis,September 12, 2006
Source: MIT Technology Review

Wales to host first Dye Sensitized Solar Cell plant

by John Walko EE Times Europe
London, 10/18/2006
Source: EETimes

Aussie company set to shine in solar cell market

Source: Building Products News/ 7-Jul-2005 /

Australian solar energy technology company Dyesol is listing on the Australian Stock Exchange to commercialise its revolutionary dye solar cell technology. Just as chlorophyll in a leaf absorbs energy from the sun for the needs of a plant, the dye in Dyesol solar cells absorbs light to generate renewable electricity in a process known as artificial photosynthesis.

Solar cells reach into the infrared (RSC)

by Mark Peplow/San Francisco, US /13 September 2006
Source: Royal Society of Chemistry

Nanowires Could Lead to Improved Solar Cells

by Michael Berger, Nanowerk LLC
Honolulu, HI, United States, March 6, 2006

With an increased focus on alternative sources of cheap, abundant, clean energy,
solar cells are receiving lots of attention. Researchers are now on the brink of improving
the efficiency of solar cells through nanowires. The dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is one
of the most important developments in photovoltaics in the last two decades. Excitonic solar
cells, such as organic, hybrid organic and inorganic solar cells are promising devices

Screen-printed Solar Cells In Many Colors And Designs, Even Used In Windows

Source: ScienceDaily, Jan. 31, 2008
Adapted from materials provided by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Taking Nature's Cue For Cheaper Solar Power

Source: ScienceDaily, Apr. 6, 2007
Adapted from materials provided by Massey University.

Dye Solar Cell (an interview on ABC Television News, 18 Nov 2004)

Dye Solar Cell
(an interview on 18 November 2004 of ABC Television News with Gavin & Sylvia Tulloch)

Reporter: Christopher Zinn
Producer: Paul Faint
Researcher: Maria Ceballos-Wallis

Corus and Dyesol invest in ambitious Dye Solar Cell technology development for the built environment.

Source: press release /29 Feb 08

Corus, Dyesol and the Welsh Assembly Government have agreed significant funding to further progress the development of dye solar cell technology on steel for building integrated photovoltaic applications. Corus and Dyesol have been working closely for the past two years, and in January 2008 successfully completed a detailed 12-month study, which confirmed the feasibility of this technology for large-scale manufacture on steel.

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