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Taking Nature's Cue For Cheaper Solar Power

Source: ScienceDaily, Apr. 6, 2007
Adapted from materials provided by Massey University.

Dye Solar Cell (an interview on ABC Television News, 18 Nov 2004)

Dye Solar Cell
(an interview on 18 November 2004 of ABC Television News with Gavin & Sylvia Tulloch)

Reporter: Christopher Zinn
Producer: Paul Faint
Researcher: Maria Ceballos-Wallis

Corus and Dyesol invest in ambitious Dye Solar Cell technology development for the built environment.

Source: press release /29 Feb 08

Corus, Dyesol and the Welsh Assembly Government have agreed significant funding to further progress the development of dye solar cell technology on steel for building integrated photovoltaic applications. Corus and Dyesol have been working closely for the past two years, and in January 2008 successfully completed a detailed 12-month study, which confirmed the feasibility of this technology for large-scale manufacture on steel.

Dye solar cells market to reach 58.1 billion yen in fiscal 2010 (Tech-on report)

Rise of Non-Si Solar Cells: CIS Solar Cell Market to Expand 105 Times in 4 Years
Mami Akasaka, Tech-On! Sep 12, 2007
Source: Tech-on

Dyesol Releases a Range of DSC Fabrication and Test Equipment for Laboratory and Prototyping

Source: /Sept 11, 2007

Dyesol has released for sale a range of Dye Solar Cell (DSC) fabrication and test equipments for laboratory and prototyping known as the Dyesol DSC Laboratory Solution. The equipments are all available from the Dyesol e-commerce website at Dyesol Equipment. The DSC equipment suite encompasses essential tools for every stage of the DSC fabrication, testing and performance analysis process.

Dyesol Limited: Milestone Payment Received for Flexible solar Panel

14 Dec 2007
Source: DGAP News

Dyesol is pleased to announce receipt of $275.000 by Dyesol subsidiary STI from the Department of Defence, as payment for meeting the 6th Milestone in its contract to demonstrate flexible camouflage Dye solar Cell modules. Achievement of milestone payments from its major contracts is an important element of Dyesol's strategy for commercialising its extensive DSC patents and knowhow in partnership with globally respected organisations.

Dyesol to increase manufacturing capacity 10 fold to meet growth demands

Sydney, 16 August 2007
Source: press release

Leading Dye Solar Cell materials manufacturer Dyesol (ASX: DYE) will invest in a new plant to increase manufacturing capacity up to ten-fold by the second quarter of 2008. This will provide capacity to fill commercial dyes orders of over $10 million per annum and to enhance the range and volume of titania pastes production for capacity of over 50kg/month.

Dyesol Completes first Phase of Collaboration with Corus

Canberra, Australia, 17 December 2007
Source: press release

Leading Dye Solar Cell developer and materials manufacturer Dyesol (ASX: DYE) has met the final milestone of the first phase of its collaborative program with Corus for the development of dye solar cells integrated onto Corus coil steel for application as broad area building products. Corus approved the milestone at the formal project review meeting in Shotton, Wales on December 14.

Dyesol Flexible Camouflage Modules

Source: press release /14 Nov 07

Dyesol subsidiary STI has reached the next milestone in the development and commercialisation of flexible camouflage DSC modules with delivery of three different designs to the contracting authority DSTO. This delivery is the final stage in design of the modules that have the unique property of very low visible signature. The dappled colours inherent in the Dyesol cells have never previously been demonstrated in a module.

DYESOL Ltd concludes Acquisition of Swiss Company Greatcell Solar SA

Source: press release 31 January 2007

Greatcell acquisition adds value to Dyesol IP holdings and grows international network

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